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About Us

EarthyMamma Organic Produce delivery represents a growing movement of families, who were frustrated and unsatisfied with the quality and variety of produce available in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. To add to this matter, the lack of organic produce was discouraging. Many families were spending their precious weekends driving 35-50 minutes to source organic fruit and vegetables. We too were struggling to maintain the upkeep of having decent, fresh and organic produce readily available for the our kids and meals. From this frustration and struggle EarthyMamma was born. Our aim is to make life easier for families and couples who seek to use organic produce as a foundation to a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. The produce is sourced from our wholesalers and on to your doorstep within a few hours. Our delivery day is Monday so you are set up for the week. We truly hope your find our service to be of impeccable form and our produce to be the freshest you’ve ever experienced.

Dalal x