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Certified Organic Victorian honey RED BOX/MOUNTAIN GUM

Certified Organic Victorian honey RED BOX/MOUNTAIN GUM

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Certified Organic RAW honey, an unquestionably rare find in Victoria. Apiarists, Andrew and Moss produce and package their honey under the 'Raw Honey' brand at their 'off-grid' property in Marraweeney on the Strathbogie Tablelands in North East, Victoria. Always 5kms distant from potential contaminants, their certified organic bees spend their days in pristine environment of Victorias public land forests; the perfect back drop for a picnic lunch when tending to the bees.

This certified organic raw honey is cold extracted and cold bottled to maintain the natural goodness and flavour of the product. RAW honey will crystallise at a fairly rapid rate; depending on the variety, some will set to a smooth creamy texture within weeks while others may take a few months.

Rushworth State Forest & 'The Bluff', Alpine National Park, Victoria
Rated: 2x Strength 4x Sweetness



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